Lake Lewisville Party Cove

Party Cove

Let’s face it, Party Cove is the place to be on Lake Lewisville.  It is where the party’s at.  Party Cove is near Westlake Park near the center of the lake (map at the bottom of the page).

This cove is where people come to spend their Friday, Saturday, or Sunday in a cove tied up to other boats and listening to party music. There is typically lots of alcohol, swimming, and people having a great time on the lake.

If you make it over to Party Cove for the day, be prepared to have a good time. But please be safe and wear a life vest when you are in the water. There are times when the lake and alcohol can be a dangerous combination.

You can also rent a boat or party barge and make a visit to party cove which can be a great deal of fun.

Have fun.

If you have any great Party Cove pictures that you’d like for us to post here, please send them to us through our contact page.


Lake Lewisville Party Cove
Lake Lewisville Party Cove

Westlake Park, Lake Lewisville

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