Boat Rentals

Boat Rental Companies on Lake Lewisville

Below is a list of businesses offering all types of watercraft rental on Lake Lewisville.

Just For Fun Watercraft Rentals

Eagle Point Marina

2 Eagle Point Drive

Lewisville, TX 75077


Web: Just for Fun Watercraft Rentals

Big D Watersports

Lake Lewisville

Hidden Cove Marina and Park

20400 Hackberry Creek Park Rd.

The Colony, TX 75034

Boat Rental Tips – Lake Lewisville

Renting a boat on Lake Lewisville can be fun and easy. But you are going out on a body of water that you may be unfamiliar with so it is best to take precautions before renting a boat. Here are our tips for safely renting and using a rental boat on Lake Lewisville.

1. Always use a reputable boat rental company. Most of the rental companies that are located within the marinas on Lake Lewisville are good options. Do not be afraid to ask how long they have been in business before booking a rental.

2. Make sure the proper safety equipment is on a boat. You need at a minimum a fire extinguisher, a horn, a throw-able life preserver, and a life vest for everyone on board. Ask and make sure you know where these items are located on the rental boat. It is illegal to operate a boat on Lake Lewisville without these safety items.

3. Check to see if the boat looks well maintained. If the boat is old, infrequently used, unclean, etc. these may be signs that the boat is not well maintained. You might want to avoid that boat or run into the chance of it breaking down while you are out on Lake Lewisville.

4. Make sure you have a cell phone on the boat and the phone number or numbers of the boat rental company you used. If you have problems or issues with the rental boat, you will need to contact the rental company for help.

5. Remember to get a map or directions if you are unfamiliar with Lake Lewisville. Lake Lewisville is over 29,000 acres with over 233 miles of shoreline. You do not want to get lost. If you need directions to party cove or other destinations, ask your boat rental provider.

6. Have fun and be safe. Always wear a life vest when you are in the water. Children 13 and under should have a life vest on at all times.

Renting a boat can be a fun and exciting experience. If you are not on the lake more than a few times a year, renting a boat makes financial sense as well.

Have fun out there! But remember to be safe.