Harbor Lane Park

Hours:  6 am to 10 pm

Fees:  No

Restrooms:  No, maybe a small port-a-let

Picnic Tables:  Yes

Harbor Lake Park is a really small park located at the end of Harbor Lane in the town of Hickory Creek.  There is no gate here for entry or any fee to pay to get in.  This park is a great out of the way place to visit if you do not want to go to one of the larger parks on the lake.

Harbor Lane Park does not seem that well maintained.  There are a few picnic tables here that are uncovered and weathered by years of being outdoors in the elements.  There is a playground here that seemed a bit worn as well.  The slide has either melted away or has been burned by some nefarious types.

The park is set in a quiet cove and has plenty of trees for shade.  With a little repair work, this could be a great park.

Harbor Lane Park is leased from the US Army Corps of Engineers and operated by the Town of Hickory Creek. There is no boat ramp here.