Lake Lewisville Little Elm Park

There are several designated swimming areas and beaches on Lake Lewisville.  We are going to start with our favorite (Little Elm Park) and work our way down.

1.  Little Elm Park Beach

The beach at Little Elm Park (pictured above) is absolutely the best on Lake Lewisville. The sand is great and the beach is set back in a little cove. There is a nice snack bar and grill near the beach as well. Parking is available near the beach. This is a beautiful lake beach and as nice as you will find in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

You will love this beach and park located on the north end of Lake Lewisville in the town of Little Elm.

Lake Lewisville Stewart Creek Park

2. Stewart Creek Park Beach

The beach at Stewart Creek Park is a very nice beach on the southeast end of Lake Lewisville. This beach is roped off and has picnic tables near by. There is not a lot of shade here, but the park is great and the area of the lake this beach is on is very nice.

3. Hidden Cove Park Beach

The beach at Hidden Cove Park is also a very nice beach on Lake Lewisville. The park and marina here are top notch. The sand is great here and the swimming area is roped off. If you are looking for a great beach and swim area, you cannot go wrong in Hidden Cove Park.

4. East Hill Park Beach

The beach at East Hill Park is a nice beach on the south end of Lake Lewisville. The beach here does not have the best sand, but it does have a nice roped off swimming area. It is located right next to Pier 121 Marina and the great Wet Bar and Grill.

5. Copperas Branch Park Beach

The beach at Copperas Branch Park is a good beach on the west side of Lake Lewisville. The sand here is not great, but the swim area is roped off and nice and shallow.

6. Lake Park Beach

Lake Park also has a good beach and swim area within the park. Lake Park is located on the southwest end of Lake Lewisville. This beach area is not roped off, but is shallow and provides a great place to swim. There is no real sand here either, but the park overall is very nice and one of the nicest on the lake.

There are other non-designated swim areas throughout the lake and the lake parks. We hope you enjoy Lake Lewisville and all of the wonderful beaches around the lake. This is a great place to spend the day picnicking and swimming.

Remember, life is better on the water!